Bridge Opening Ceremony

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The Gam Garung Bridge Sunday 14th June 2015 at 11am

This pedestrian and cycling bridge has had a long and troubled history. Originally agreed in 1999 as part of the plans for the adjacent housing development, the design was judged to be an impediment to flood water flow, so its height was increased, but this resulted in the need for an access ramp on the park side. The bridge was installed in 2007 but the ramp was not, so it could not be crossed, and it soon became known as "The Bridge to Nowhere". This situation persisted for seven years until a grant was obtained to build the access ramp, which was completed a year ago. In the mean time, Colliers Wood Councillor and former Gurkha soldier Gam Garung had tried to get help from the Brigade of Gurkhas to complete the bridge, and following his untimely death in 2013, it was decided to name it after him.

We are saving our cheesy grins for laterphoto: Annie Carlton
About 20 choir members and Christopher standing across the width of the bridge, wearing black T-shirts and poppies
Choir's-eye viewphoto: Matthew Marks
On the bridge looking towards Wandle Meadow Nature Park, with audience further down the ramp

Members of the Chorus sang Moon River ("Crossing you in Style"), Beside the Seaside (shades of promenading) and Packed up to Tipperary at the opening ceremony.

Wimbledon Guardian article about the event, with photo