Voices Now - Open Stage

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Roundhouse, Camden Saturday 26th March 2011

Photo: Graham McCann
Singing in the level 1 foyer area of the Roundhouse

Open Stage featured a multitude of choirs singing in the venue's foyer area during this choral festival. We had a 20-minute slot at 1710, and were featured on their blog. Unfortunately we were limited to 30 so had to pull names out of a hat, but we made up for it with volume, and Christopher encouraged us to dump the music which paid dividends.


Nanuma (Fiji)
Plovi Barko (Croatian)
Jikele Maweni (Xhosa)
Gaudeamus Hodie (Latin)
Kancho (Ghanian)
Fairest Isle (Purcell)
Hyon Da (Icelandic)
Tsmindao Gmerto (Georgian)
Valerie (The Zutons)