“Home or Away” - our summer concert

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Christ Church Colliers Wood Saturday 18th July 2009

Christopher's artwork
“Home or Away - Boarding Pass”

All photos: Alan Reece

The whole choir and some audience, front view
View of choir from back of church
“Laney and the Pips” (Jane, Bev and Anita) singing The Boy From...
Four ladies sashaying
Four ladies closeup
Santa Lucia (Peter, Neil, Elaine and Christopher)
Four ukulele players, two singing
Wandrin' Star (tenors and basses) and Where'ere You Walk (sopranos and altos)
Tenors and basses standing and singing
Sopranos and Altos standing and singing
Special Guests Red Hot Gypsy Fever
7-piece gypsy band, with two female vocalists, violin, two guitars, bass and percussion
Special Guest Zoe Watson from Merton Abbey Opera sings Myself I Shall Adore from Semele
Special Guest Norma Ritchie on the Celtic Harp
Norma Ritchie playing Celtic Harp and singing with Elaine
Antonia and the other musicians being thanked
Antonia at the piano, being applauded by the choir behind her