Wandle Valley Festival

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Wandle Park Sunday 7th June 2009

Torrential rain had fallen, turning part of the park into a lake, but the intrepid crew sought out high ground and their singing kept the showers at bay.

Electricity and water don't mix... but it was only 25 volts Photo: Matthew Marks
Colliers Wood Chorus under gazebo with equipment, accompanist and double bass under another gazebo, pedal-power generator behind and flooded parkland behind that

Again we had pedal power, this time providing sound reinforcement (though not through the most practical of loudspeakers) as well as keeping the piano playing.

The choir did two sets, the first attended by Vikings and the second by the Mayor. Elaine took over for the second as Christopher wasn't too well.

From the Wandle Valley Festival brochure
Scan of part of brochure with textual entry about the picnic, mentioning choir and other things